C47 film

C47 Film d.o.o. is a full service production company based in Zagreb, Croatia. We specialize in film and video production, location scouting and management and casting services. Our team of experienced industry professionals can provide you with everything that is required for the quick and easy completion of your project, such as:

  • Location scouting, recces, permits.
  • Equipment and personnel management.
  • Transportation and accommodation management.
  • Casting services, extras handling.

Our team

Filip Žafran co-owner, producer & marketing manager - Berlin office

Filip Žafran, dipl.oec. born in 1984, raised in Zagreb, where he finished his University. During his studies at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, he started working in the film industry, where he gained a lot of experience. He has worked on numerous prestigious productions where he has taken up roles of production coordinator, production manger, assistant director and producer. The best know projects worth mentioning:

- "Eyjafjallajökull (2013)" with Dany Boon
- "Halimas Path (2012)" film by Arsen Ostojić (Croatian Academy Award proposal 2014 & winner of 14 festival awards)
- "Un Altro Mondo (2010)" feature film by Silvio Muccino, shot in Kenya
- "Season of the Witch (2009)" with Nicolas Cage & Ron Perlman
- "The Hunting Party (2008)" with Richard Gere, Terrence Howard & Jesse Eisenberg
- numerous TVC's such as: Samsung, General Electrics, Kellogg's, Fiat, Chevrolet etc.

He worked as an employee in BlueSky Films Croatia. He is part of the Croatian Film Workers Association, as a location manager. At C47 film he is in charge of the Marketing sector.

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Marko Milovac co-owner, director - Zagreb office

Marko Milovac was born in Zagreb, Croatia, on November 11th, 1984. He studied at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences where he co-created the Neighborhood Museum Project, a series of art exhibitions and workshops in different areas of Zagreb. During that time he started working in production, and became actively involved in film making, mostly as a director and editor. Currently he is a co owner of the production company C47 Film d.o.o. and is directing short films and music videos.

- The Proper Way to Eat a Fig in Society, 2008, short feature, Director
- Taubeki, 2014, short feature, Director

Scroll - Soap, 2008, Director
Elemental - Prokleta ljubav, 2013, Director
Don't Follow the White Rabbit - Reserved Life, 2013, Director
Pendrek - ZG Coffee Shop, 2013, Director
Muscle Tribe of Danger and Excellence - New School Blood Trial, 2014, Director
Elemental - Bolji si, 2014, Director

Ivan Zadro director of photography - Zagreb office

Ivan Zadro was born in Zagreb, Croatia on May 20. 1985. From the early ages he shows an interest in photography and movies. In 2003. he graduated at the School of Art and Design on photographic department, in Zagreb. 2004. enrolled at the Academy of Drama Arts and studied cinematography on the University of Zagreb. While still a student has exhibited photographic works at the exhibition in Photo Club Zagreb, Gallery in School of Art and Design and ULUPUH Gallery in Zagreb. He participated in various projects during the study, and starts to work in Tuna film (production and rental company) and ever since does all the camera assistant jobs (video assist., loader and focus puller ) . He worked as a camera operater in many TV series, short movies, commercials and video clips.
2007. successfully complete Kodak Cinematography workshop in Zagreb, to class Joseph C. D'Alessandro.
2011. His short feature ''Two'' entred in second round of film festivals in Cannes.
2011. short feuture ''Nina, molim te'' was awarded the International Film Festival of Patras City in Greece.
2011. He graduated from the Academy of Drama Arts.


LOVABLE, feature film, 2014. (director of ''Making of''), dir; I. Juka
TAUBEKI, short feature, 2013. (director of photography), dir; M. Milovac
RUŽIONA, TV music series, 2012 (cinematographer), dir; Z. Pezo/Z. Happ
SPEKTAKLUK, video clips of the theater show, 2011. (director of photography), dir; T. Rukavina
TWO, short feature, 2010. (director of photography), dir; A. Mardešić
NINA, MOLIM TE, short feature, 2010. (director of photography), dir; B. Vekarić
THE SHOW MUST GO ON, feature film, 2010. (director of photography 2.unit), dir; N. Marsović
KUD PUKLO, DA PUKLO... , short feature, 2008. (director of photography), dir; D. Kapac
PROKLETI, short feature, 2008. (director of photography), dir; A. Mardešić

ISANMAALLINEN MIES aka A PATRIOTIC MAN, feature film, 2014. (C camera operator), dir; A. Halonen
THE BRAVE ADVENTURES OF A LITTLE SHOEMAKER, feature film, 2013. (B camera operator), dir; S. Petranović
STIPE U GOSTIMA (5. Season), TV Series, 2012. (camera operator), dir; I. Filaković/J. Božinovska-Živalj/D. Žarković
KOTLOVINA, feature film, 2011. (camera operator), dir; T. Radić
DOME,SLATKI DOME, TV Series, 2010. (camera operator), dir; A. Tardozzi/T. Rukavina
LOVE LIFE OF A GENTLE COWARD, feature film, 2009. (B camera operator), dir; P. Marinković
ZAKON!, TV Series, 2009. (camera operator), dir; I.G. Vitez/T. Rukavina
GDJE PINGVINI LETE, short feature, 2008. (camera operator), dir; J. Vujčić
RECIKLUS, short feature, 2008. (cinematographer), dir; A. Gabelić

KOSAC, feature film, 2014. (camera assistant), dir; Z. Jurić
LOVE ISLAND, feature film, 2014. (B camera focus puller), dir; J. Žbanić
GOING AWAY, short feature, 2013. (focus puller), dir; H. Duvnjak (post-production)
SIMON ČUDOTVORAC, feature film, 2013. (camera assistant), dir; P. Orešković
CANNIBAL VEGETARIAN, feature film, 2012. (video assistent), dir; B. Schmidt
NEDJELJOM UJUTRO, SUBOTOM NAVEČER, TV Series, 2012. (camera assistent), dir; P. Ličina
GOLTZIUS AND PELICAN COMPANY, feature film, 2012. (camera assistent), dir; P. Greenaway
FLOWER SQUARE, feature film, 2012. (camera assistent), dir; K. Papić
RIJEČ KAO ZLOČIN, political documentary, 2009. (2013. post-production), (camera assistent), dir; M. Mikuljan